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Yesterday evening the Order of the Star of Italy has been bestowed upon Prof. Hassan Ashkanani, during a ceremony presided over by Ambassador Carlo Baldocci at “Spazio Italia-Kuwait” in the Embassy of Italy to Kuwait.


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(The Times) The Italian Ambassador to Kuwait, Carlo Baldocci, has honored Professor of Anthropology and Archeology at the Kuwait University, Dr. Hassan Ashkanani, with the Order of the Star of Italy, with the rank of the Knight, in recognition of his work to strengthen intellectual, cultural and academic ties between the two friendly countries.

Ambassador Baldocci, speaking during a ceremony which was at the embassy, in the presence of academics, intellectuals and culture men, praised Dr. Ashkanani’s efforts in organizing the first activity in the Arabian Gulf by establishing the first winter school for archeology at the Faculty of Social Sciences inviting professors from the oldest university in Italy (University of Rome La Sapienza).

He explained this activity included lectures and field visits with anthropology students and visits to Kuwait museums, indicating that this activity would result in a high-level cultural agreement. He noted the role of Dr. Ashkanani in collecting rare Italian books and artifacts that talk about Kuwait since the 19th century, stressed the depth of the historical relations and friendship between the two countries, reports Al-Rai.

Dr Ashkanani in a statement to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the sidelines of the ceremony, said, “thanks to God”, this medal is a testimony of the efforts of my colleagues in the college and department, anthropology students, my loyal friends and my beloved family”.

He said he is pride and happy with this honor from a European country which has a long history, saying, “I am a soldier for my homeland, Kuwait, for its history, culture and heritage, and for its good people.”

Dr. Ashkanani, who is one of the most important collectors of ancient books for Italian travelers who witnessed the regions of the Arabian Gulf, specifically Kuwait, said this medal is the highest honor granted by Italy to people of merit in the fields of literature, arts, economy, public service, social, charitable and humanitarian activities, and for long and outstanding service in the fields of civil and military work.

He owns the rarest book by the oldest Italian traveler who visited Kuwait in 1862, Doctor Marco Mosizzano, surgeon in the royal house and a member of the mission of the King of Italy Emmanuel II. The book is a copy of the two copies found so far.